Know your bills so that you don't get shocked

By: On: 2016-09-26

In Australia, Electricity companies offer Wholesale Electricity and also various facilities to make sure people are well aware of various ways to facilitate different methods enhancing Energy Efficiency. In order to know the total cost and the Electricity bill that will be charged to you, you must know the basics of everything and process that is used to provide you the Electricity Supply.

Knowing your bills can also help you Compare Electricity Providers so that you can choose the provider that offers the best rates. Most of the Electricity Providers Australia have a basic plan to give a complete Energy Quote to the customers. If you can compare most of the Electricity Retailers you can easily compare the various facilities and offer that are offered to the customers.

To make sure you are paying for the electricity you have used and not any extra or false charges you must know your bills.

Here is a short introduction to the electricity bills that you are getting:

Power generation

There is a cost of energy generation that you have to pay for the energy you have consumed. This is the cost that you will be paying for the actual electricity units that have been used by you.


Another component of your bill will be including the metering cost. You will have to pay some cost for the metering facility as well.


Networking also cost the providers a bit and that is why you have to pay for it. Though it is not too much, but still you should know what you are paying for.

Renewable energy charges

In case the providers offer renewable energy you may have to pay a minimal charge for the process.


For the retailing service, you must be paying the cost as it has been determined by the retailer.

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